Lag / Lower Frames Below Clouds

Good morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you guys are, i want to tell you guys about this issue. So, when im below the clouds, the frame rate decreases to around 15fps after takeoff, i believe. Then, after i passed and now above the clouds, the frame rate is normal at averaging 30fps. Do some of you guys have this issue?

Motorola G Stylus (2020)
Graphics Settings:
Rendering Quality: Low
3D Object Density: Low
Rendering Resolution: Low
Texture Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Frame rate limit: 30fps


Yep, i have this issue too since the beta. Maybe is something with the rendering of the terrain because when im flying over an ocean but below the clouds the frame rate is at 30fps but if im over terrain below the clouds i get like 15fps too.

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Maybe it might be my device or they have to do the finishing performance improvements. Welp i dont think its my device because it didnt complete its first year when i got it.

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