Lag issues

Just about every flight i have done since i downloaded 21.8 has been filled with lag and I have no clue why my phone could run medium settings perfectly fine but now it lags even when I tried putting everything on low it still lags if frustrates me cause i never had to deal with much lag especially on my phone which I’ve only had for around 2 years. It still confuses me why my phone lags and heats up this way im used to it getting hot and lagging but it never dropped below 23 now it can only reach 30 FPS or maintain 25FPS if my external view is about 5 miles from the aircraft or everything’s on low.

Device: iPhone 8 plus
Rendering quality: medium
3D object density: low
Rendering Resolution: medium
Texture quality: medium

Hey sorry to hear you’re having problems , when it appears to lag are you in a congested area filled with lots of traffic? If so that could be a reason for the lag…

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not most of the time but yes it lags when im in a airport with a lot of people but when im in airports with like 5 guys it still lags

Hmm… Give these next few tips a go! :

- Completely remove infinite flight from your phone and redownload it

- Before flights clear scenery cache and restart your device

- Check your replays and see if you have more than 15 clips, if so decluttering all of them may do the trick.

- Linked with point 3 but checking how much storage you have on your device may help also!!

Give these all a go and let me know if they have any affect on the lag and sorry you are experiencing this:D

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thank you very much for the tips i will try redownloading it as i have already done the other 3

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Let us know how it goes 😎 !

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i come with good news it appears to have works my phone is lagging less then it used to thank you


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