Lag issues

I took off from EGLL bound for WSSS, right after takeoff, I was making a left turning heading 121. After that, after surpassing FL100, I sped up. The screen just froze and the game crashed. That was fine. The next attempt I made was I tried to take off on a different runway. While taxiing, the screen froze two times but it didn’t crash. On takeoff roll, the screen froze, yet again! My phone had no problems doing all of these long hauls almost every day. With that being said, there was no single crash or screen freezing for a month or so from the previous incident. So now I seek help again to know what is going on, and I hope anyone or even the staff can provide assistance. Thank you!

First of all, before all the “restart your phone” kids show up,
Is it possible to get a bit more information?

What device are you using?
What kind of network?
What steps have you already taken to resolve the issue?


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Yes, I have restarted my phone, did all procedure and stuff. Im on Wifi network with extremely good connection, and I use a CPH1385 (i cant remember) with more than 6GB of ram, way more than required. I did resolve the issue but force stopping the webview, but it still lags.

Based on my research, that’s an Oppo R15.

I’m going to ask, have you tried clearing the app cache, a fresh install etc?

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did every single thing on the book. Still lag

I suspect its a form of bug.

How are your graphics settings set up? Including airplane count.

Airplane count is low, and everything else is medium usually. if I needed to do smth while flying I would turn them all down to low. For the previous month i calibrated all to low settings to save on battery, and same for this time, except this time it caused lags and a crash of the app on my phone.

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