Lag issue

Hey there,

I wanted to ask why I am having huge lag issues. Is my device or is there a problem with the game?



Hello! Can you please provide info on your device so we can help you better?

Device name:

Operating System:

Infinite Flight version:

Here are some things to help

  1. Close all apps that may be running in the backround

  2. Try uninstalling then reinstalling IF.

  3. Once finished reinstalling IF, run the game on medium to low settings, and turn on limit frame rate

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There are a few things that’ll cause lag in your app while playing IF, connection and WiFi/internet speed is definitely a major factor that would. The app does ask for a good connection, but if you all of a sudden get lag there’s a few things it’ll point to.

  1. bad internet connection, if you already have a good internet, it could be good to reset your router when able

  2. your WiFi is connecting to a bunch of different devices. If multiple people in your Home use it and at all the same time, it’ll slow the connection, especially if there are downloads going on or streaming multipl things

  3. device is low on memory, if you have too many things open, your device may be low on memory and will have trouble keeping up with IF actively.

  4. lastly, pointing to your version of IF, a restart of device and app could help, there’s potential that something like your scenery needs to reload or simply IF just needs to reconnect

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You could clear the scenery caché that sometimes helps

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Try lowering your graphics in graphic settings

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