Lag is getting out of hand now

Okay so I facing a problem where I am not able to do long hauls now! I know a lot of people have made topics like this,
After the update my phone is heating up to the brim and crashes when I do long hauls and ultra long hauls I wake up in the morning to see my phone switched off. I used to do flights that are 15 to 17 hours before and although it used to heat up my device, Didn’t face a problem of crashing!

Is the hot fix gonna help solve these problems?

Phone : Samsung galaxy on7 pro (2017)
Storage : 16gb
storage available : 2.5gb
Ram : 2gb ram

As stated in the other topics, the developers are aware of graphics issues and are working on a solution. An announcement will be made once that happens.


Please include the folloing information when reporting “lag” issues:

  • Make and model of your device (actual model number, not just marketing name)
  • OS version
  • Do you experience the same lag in solo? if online how many aircraft are around you?

This is really the bare minimum we need to start investigating. Thanks


I face the problem in solo and online
And y when there is too much planes in airport the game start lag

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I am now starting to see some lag rn

Along with my lag comes an extremely hot phone. I know lag is a part of every game but come on… I feel like I am damaging my phone. It’s brand new and wouldn’t even get over 80 degrees when flying 19 hour flights.


Please include the info Philippe asks for above
@TCHeincy @captain_brh @AviationJack

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