Lag in the sim

I never really wanted to ask but it is something I decided to ask today. I have always noticed a bit of lag whilst maneuvering my device for a turn or a maneuver. What I mean is I’ll turn my device left and it’ll take like a millisecond or two for the aircraft to respond. It just doesn’t feel real time to me. Has anyone else experienced this? Like in other sims (IF is still the best one of course) as soon as I turn my device the plane goes with it. I am just curious if anyone notices this?

That’s how it should be :)
Fighter jets are most likely less so though, but larger commercial jets will have a “input delay”. Not that unsimilar from a boat.


I don’t recall the Cessna doing that when I fly it?

That’s still pretty fast in my opinion.


Like @schyllberg said, larger commercial planes have lag whilst smaller planes don’t.

May also check your sensitivity settings under control.

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