Lag during landing.

As the title suggests, the game always lags during landing only at a busy airport. The rest of the flight is very smooth. Im using a Lg v20 with all the settings set to medium. Even in high it doesn’t lag except during landing.

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This happens because you are downloading a large amount of aircraft being rendered. To help prevent this lag it is suggested that you turn down your aircraft count to low, as graphics is not so much the problem as how many aircraft are showing. This will limit how many aircraft are rendered in your vicinity and limiting lag.


Thats because there are large amounts of aircrafts / many rendering happening at the same time. Make sure you have 1gb of memory free and lower the FPS when you approach busy airports, as it drops your FPS.

Ok @anon7075715 @Ryan_Vidad there is no need to post if you are going to say the same thing and the additional info is not necessary as it isnt an issue for his phone