Lag at airports

Is anyone else experiencing lag while at airports?

Hi, there are currently still some server issues. Stay tuned here for server updates: NOTAM - Loading Issues

But also, make sure that your internet connection is working well and that lag you’re experiencing is not actually framedrops.

If you think it is frame drops, try restarting your device or clearing your ram and make sure you aren’t running any background apps.


I didn’t think the lag was due to sever issues at this point?

Yes, there is very slight lag. Let’s not forget that Global is fresher than ever, some things still have to be worked on for this update to be working perfectly. I’d give it a few days, then see how things are running then.

Also, refer to Sal’s comment above. ^^


Here’s what I suggest:

Go ahead and try the frame drop solutions I provided above. Check and see if it is better and if it isn’t try restarting your wifi, that might help.

If none of these work then it is most likely a server issue. Refer to the link I posted above :)

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I will give these a try - so it could be just because they haven’t been loaded by other users?

Yes, it’s possible that it is a server issue and if it is, then it should be fixed once the release is a bit more “into the game”. So essentially I would presume that most server issues regarding loading, etc, would be fixed within the next few days.

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I understand, thanks’

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yeah no problem, cya in the skies :)