Lag and very lond laoding time (IOS)

Ok so when I open infinte flight today, and I want to have a flight on the CRJ-200. I picked my plane and My flight start laoding, after 30minutes it’s still laoding after 10 more minutes it finnaly laod.

I was surprised to see they added building to the game, but when I moved my camera it was a fram per 2 seconds, it was so laggy and then When I go full power the engines stay idle when the throttle is in full power.

Then my plane started to drop into the groud and the altitude start doin going to negitive numbers, then infinte flight crashed.

To be honest this has never happened befor. I had not mange to get a screen shot or a video cuz it wouldn’t allow me to take a screen shot, also the replay of the flight didn’t even show up on the replay area. can you tell me how to fix it?

p.s. I have bought the game at the play store

Hello sorry for what happened but please report any issues at the #open-beta category