Lag and planes

So I am still STILL experiencing lag and I don’t know what to do I have to turn off the limited frame rate to land and take off. Extremely frustrating. Also I can see people’s names but not the planes on the live mode. I have tried everything from turning on the show aircraft from low all the way to high. My question is since I started playing this game on an iPhone 8 Plus is the game play and the settings and what not transferable? I have a iPhone XS MAX and I am having more issues with it now than ever and it’s getting really frustrating since I just reactivated my account and paid 80 bucks for extreme lag and no planes showing. Can you guys give me a solution please or do an update for the iPhone XS Max please I love this game but with the constant issues I am having it’s turning me off form it and I may want a refund. Just please help me fix it.

Lets take the issues one at a time. The rendering of aircraft has a built in limit where you can only see a certain amount within a close distance to your plane. The aircraft count setting controls this number. Keep in mind that at a busy airport you will not be able to see aircraft all the way across the airport. Do you have some screen shots of aircraft you are not seeing?

Lag is a very general term. Where are you seeing this lag at specifically in the sim? What aircraft? What camera were you using? Can you record a video of this lag?

Network speed can make a difference and there are some things that people think are lag but it is not so a video would really be helpful so we are not guessing.


I can take a pic but I don’t know how to do a video unless I can send you a replay of on of my examples.

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