Lag and Low power mode

Hello! I have a 2017 ipad 9.7 inch. It seems the last few months the sim has been lagging a lot more and has a very low frame rate. I have switched on and off all the settings (anti aliasing, limit frame rate, etc.) I also select low power mode for the longer flights and it never activates and I burn through battery. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app numerous times and nothing changes. Any info would be great!

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Lag is not the same as crashes, it’s most likely a different issue here :)

Could however be the odd behavior we’ve seen with iOS 13 that seems to have increased the lag… But I’ve tested a bit on my iPad Pro 2016 9,7" and have not seen any lag spikes.

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Low power mode can be turned on only if ALT, SPD, and HDG are turned on.

Your battery life can be secured if you plug in your device during cruise. This reduces the workload for the device.

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It’s iOS 13, it’s RAM thirsty.
19.4 was released saying that it had support for 13, but I didn’t notice a difference.

What kind of differences were you expecting? :)
Not much we can do about performance variables within an operating systems. However, there are several things that changed with adding the iOS 13 SDK.

Question: Would there be any (major) performance issues occurring if Support for iOS13 had not been added with 19.4?

I’m thinking compatibility with iOS13 on Update 19.4 would lack, I assume, causing it to be unavailable to open Infinite Flight?

Nope. Not sure why everyone relates “iOS13 support” with performance…

One example is how the “Share” (when you intend to share a replay for example) popup interacts with the app more natively than it did before.

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Just thought performance would be more optimised but as you say it’s down to the OS ultimately.

Isn’t it supposed to lag a bit considering that it’s using less power just like the A350 game once save power comes on the frames drop on the game.

Yes. If low power mode is active it will drop the frame rate.

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