Ladies and Gentlemen The Time Has Come

Mega clickbait guys. My apologies. However, I will make it up.

If you have been checking out the @alaskavirtualairline thread. You would have seen that I was hinting at something. With 2019 here, I decided to start my brand new…
Drumroll, please…
Now Presenting my…

Youtube Channel!

Here you can find my freshest aviation content, ready and at your fingertips. More features will arrive soon to make my videos better. However, I put a lot of editing and thought into this.

Here is the link to my first Youtube Video.

Hope you guys like it.

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Awesome, great job!

But @anon93248082 will always be the clickbait king




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Hi Mattheus,

Congratulations on your new channel. However, I hate to be that guy, but there isn’t a need for a topic about it. Feel free to add it on the account list!

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Can you close this then. Sigh Why does everyone rain on my parade. :(

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to that feature. One of the Moderators could help close it. @schyllberg

Don’t mean to make you feel that way, and you’re not the only person it happens to.

Would you like me to add your YT account to that list?

Yes please!

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All done! You’re added (: