Ladders are with Plane in 737?

Never Knew this 😱😱


You will very rarely see Ryanair use airbridges too !


they should put those on all planes

Yes, Ryanair has these built into their 738s

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I’ve only ever seen this on RyanairUploading…

only ryanair?

Alaska Air had some on their -200 Combis I think. I’m not 100% sure though

There may be others that I don’t know about

For you @Boeing707


Ryanair has them as it reduces the waiting time to disembark the plane drastically. It does also apparently save a bit of money making people’s tickets cheaper.


This is common with any low cost airline as it makes sense for the airline also EASYJET had them when they had a Boeing only fleet

How do I disembark the ladder?

What’s are you trying to say?, it’s a electric ladder which folds out at a angle then the rails are pulled up like a hospital stretcher and you can walks up and down it, it’s very simple if you look at a video on YouTube of it in operation

Oh sorry,I Mis read the post

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Haha I thought for a second it was infinite flight that added a ladder to the aircraft in the game then I realized that it wasn’t

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