Lack of U.S Airlines for a certain plane

Okay, I get that it is difficult to find liveries that everyone likes, but I want to say that I feel like there is a lack of U.S carriers for a certain plane, the A319. They’re very few U.S based airlines for the A319, I would like to see in the near future, the AAL livery and the UAL livery in their new livery and no this is not a poll.

The best thing is to vote for them. But it looks like you’re in luck, the AA livery might be on it’s way in the future!


As Chris pointed out, the AA 319 w/ Sharklets was confirmed (and is done on our end). As for the UAL A319, the lack of demand (6 votes) isn’t going to put it in production any time soon. As a whole, the US has an abundance of representation in our fleet.

Get to voting!