Lack of retroactive support for added liveries?

Hey guys, I’d like to enquire about the lack of support for liveries once they have been added into the game. Is there any intent to make the slightest effort to do so? It feels like IF will only make an effort to update liveries in a short period after the update, and only if there is an uproar in the community over an issue with a livery. Is that a correct assessment? It’s really painful to see liveries such as the Aeroflot A350 and Copa 737, whose issues haven’t even been acknowledged, sitting gathering dust. Will, there be any effort at all to go back and look at some of these liveries on the mainstream aircraft? I know it’s not feasible on aircraft such as the E-Jets which are old, but for ones that are clearly being actively supported, such as the A320 and 737, I would have thought consistent livery support for current liveries would be a no brainer.

Does anyone know?


Well they are working on livery’s for the 21.1 update so they might be fixed in that update. The American livery’s on the 777’s are pain full.

I agree. At one point they said they can push new livery updates without an appstore update, so why not fix them?


To totally agreed with everything said here, it’s a shame the thread I originally posted was taken down 😕


To @William_Chin his original post:

One more thing I would like to add is that constructive criticism which is brought up to speak on problems like the livery feud which has been going on for ages, is simply ignored and topics speaking on these issues closed. Isn’t constructive criticism part of our Society anymore?

The definition of our society sees criticism and different opinions as an essential part in our society and an essential cornerstone of our community as humans and humankind. Yet, this essential part in our daily life seems to be just ignored and does not seem to matter here in IFC. Criticism on the Moderator team or the developers is depicted as a “crime” or you get banned from the community.


Pick me!! I know.

Short Answer: Yes

We do monitor feedback and will make changes to liveries when time permits. With such a great demand for new aircraft, a massive amount of liveries, and a small team we must still prioritize what gets worked on. If we stopped to fix every tiny error it would be hard to ever continue development on any new aircraft.

@William_Chin, your topic was closed because I answered all of your questions and even provided you a little feedback to hopefully pave the way for the changes you’d like to see.


Some of you haven’t played IF very long and it shows.

Staff/Devs work very hard to develop this game constantly. Things take time.

Should have seen this game in early 2013 when I started…


What sort of changes have been made for liveries post-release? Maybe it would help some on this thread understand. Such as those I specifically mentioned, haven’t been touched? Is it based on regionalization or popularity? Just trying to get a grasp for how it works.


The OP is an extremely active member in a VA with me. He knows his stuff and isn’t complaining to complain. We’re all in this together and just looking for transparency :)


Most things are done by popularity/requests.

Devs aren’t partial when developing liveries.
IF is very open to listening to the community and developing based on requests and ability.

It’s based on the severity of the issue and what we reasonably have time for. As we recently shared, we are indeed working on buildings. Those also have to be created and modeled. This means there is a very calculated use of our limited resources in order to continue development on various features.

We regularly share WIPs which is your #1 source for getting a grasp on what we’re working on.


Not to mention Air Tahiti Nui which looks absolutely nothing like its real world counterpart

I wasn’t directing it at anyone specifically. This type of thing comes up randomly in different threads. So don’t take it personal :) wasn’t meaning to sound rude in any way, so I apologize.

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This is one statement that I see on repeat. I’m sure there’s reasons behind it but I just don’t seem to understand why Infinite Flight can’t hire a couple more developers? Now you’ll probably respond to me with “too expensive.” Now while I could be wrong as I don’t know IF’s financial status from what I can see IF has a huge amount of users all paying a substantial fee. A lot more than other mobile flight simulators. So I struggle to understand why IF is unable to hire even just a couple more developers to help with issues such as the one outlined in this topic. One easy solution I see to livery related issues the community has is this topic I have linked here. I’ve seen many other mobile flight simulators do it and wonder why IF won’t choose the same path?


Hey, I feel like part of the issue with this was that many of these liveries didn’t actually have chances to get caught by the community; recently, liveries such as the United 757-200, China Southern and Air China 757’s have had chances to get corrected due to the recent implementation of an Open Beta phase before the full update is released. I understand the frustration that some people are experiencing in seeing some of their favorite liveries being hung out to dry, but we can’t just assume these are never going to be fixed.


What about it IFLET just like the IFAET but for livery’s

yeah, we’ve tried asking for that one too…


RFS can, why can’t we.


I appreciate your insight but things aren’t always as “easy” as they seem on the surface. We do have a strong team of developers that specifically work on aircraft and objects. Thanks for the business expertise and I’ll certainly pass it along so we can continue to crank out various changes and features faster.


While we’re here (I know it’s been addressed within the forum but not in the app), I still don’t understand why the American Chrome 752 was added when the Aeromexico Chrome was removed - this added a special livery but removed an entire operator which, in my opinion, still doesn’t make sense. I might have missed it but what was the rationale there?