Lack of patience at EDDF

Sorry about that. I’m an hour plus away from LAX. Hope it goes well

By that do you mean that your device goes down to 0% battery or that the game crashes/device crashes?
Because you mentioned device burning up which i also noticed but i kept on going fine. And Server ends your session? You mean the server is down?

Infinite Flight causes controllers’ devices to heat up very quickly. It gets to a point where its not safe and you have to let it cool off. Low battery, crashes, real-life problems, and server issues do force us to end sessions abruptly as well. Just keep in mind most of the time its not the controllers fault.


I am well aware of that you guys don’t leave just beacuse you want to see chaos building up in a airspace. I know that you have a lot to do besides IF. I covered most of it on my first post which you could see if you scroll up. I personally am very happy with a amazing and excellent service provided by IFATC :)

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@Carolina_Taylor Just curious, was your callsign Lufthansa Cargo 230 by any chance? DM me if yes (to others, it is not because of a ghosting or whatever) :)

Tbh this is one reason I avoid IFATC controlled airports. It causes an unrealistic amo8nt of traffic which causes frustration to both Pilots and ATC as per this thread. It might be worth considering for IFATC to spread out a bit further when they are on duty. Perhaps still work as a team to o-en up an APPR, TWR and GND, simular to how vatsim operates?

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Yes it was this morning I think. Did I do anything wrong?

I can agree with the pilots are impatient.

Last couple of times I’ve been on unicom, announcing taxi’s and takeoff’s I’ve had aircraft take off, taxi and land without even giving a heads up or without even bothering to announce which runway they’re taking.


That’s one of many issues i’ve seen growing big in recent times that you mentioned but then there’s when you announce taxi to a specific RWY and a another aircraft without announcing to taxi to the same RWY cutting you by either crossing your path or taxiing a higher speed on a parallel taxiway then over takes you at some point. Has happened me some times, luckily enough for me i taxi at 13-18 kts so , no racing for me, keeping it professional. I sometimes deliberately taxi slower than what i supposed to just to let other taxi past me so they can takeoff before me. I can never be sure on how impatient they are…

Very true indeed. A lot of impatient pilots

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Last week, when there was a short gap between controllers on FNF and we had 4-5 minutes of Unicom, a five-grader just cut all traffic and took off into my face, in the opposite direction to all other traffic when I was on final, 400ft AAL. At least he was courteous enough to announce it :/

Point is, people misbehave regardless of their rank. I don’t support making a server for grades 4 and 5 - it’s unreasonably hard to maintain such ranks for the average person who can fly on weekends only (me…).

It’s not fair at all because some professional pilots don’t have the time to land 100 landings throughout the last 90 days, BUT will certainly keep unprofessionalism out of the server. Could be concidered, but I think there is just too many good pilots that will loose interests in IF, and we don’t want that do we?

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Personally I think that if all controllers were as well suited as Tim B, then the flying experience would change entirely. I’m not exactly sure how he sees the field so well, but when he’s on it there’s absolutely no horsing around. If a new pilot jumps into Tim’s scene even if there is 100 inbounds, and tries to pull some bush league bs, he’s there immediately to greet you with the appropriate guard. Now if that same pilot jumps into a newer controllers field, that pilot just might get a different perspective based on a lack of the controllers ability to see and then issue a warning or ghosting. They might even continue this behavior until they run into a controller who catches thier intentional or uneducated actions that get under everyone’s nerves. It’s a different feeling for the overall depending on the controllers experience.

@Tim_B is an okay exceptional ATC. Like you rightly said, he has a very good eye on the field. The thing is, other ATC’s too have that good eye. The problem is the unprofessional pilots and it will continue to be a reccuring problem

Some people take Expert Server as a joke! And it is not fun when you are trying to be professional and a 777 comes in from out of no where and lands at a Class C airport with runways as short as 4,000ft! I personaly think that there should be a system that when ATC go offline these systems will navigate you to your destination just like IFATC would. But to finish what I said, if you are not going to fly professionaly on the Expert Server, please get off and go fly on training! We already have those servers especially for those people so just please leave the professionalism for the Expert pilots and the ones who are trying to be pros.

Whats the use of the new grade window table? I mean reporting non professional pilots on expert server? 🤔🤔🤔

Aircraft on short final, I am ATC’ing on expert, I told the plane to to hold short the runway until the craft on short final passed the runway, plane holding short decided to try and take off without my clearance, he should still be holding short. The plane on final almost went around, but the plane that tried to take off, got ghosted so fast.
I try to enforce rules and patience whoever possible, but airfields aren’t always open.

On a more concerning note, who tries to take off without clearance, ON EXPERT with active ATC

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@Carolina_Taylor. MaxSez: Your are singing to the choir Carolina most of us heard it all before. Identifying a miscreant by name as you did in your initial screed is bad Juju and frowned on, collegiality is the name of the game. Belive your complaint should be address to the Expert IFATC who had the helm at EDDF by PM. When comments like yours are address freform publically they draw flys and odious know it all opinions which serve no useful purpose.
Just Sayin, Gooday.

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Thank you for identifying my errors. Your words are noted


My view on this is that the software should identify that you were too close for landing and ghost the pilot that ignored your message.

We cannot ask IFATC to stay on forever but the software can be enhanced maybe to identify misbehaviors on Unicom when flying expert server.

This would apply to proper announcements for take off and landing, checking that pattern entries are according to the rules, radio usage during approach, use of right takeoff and landing runways, and so forth. This would make expert server as real as it can get even when no IFATC is available