Lack of Knowledge on the Expert Server

When I’m flying on the Expert Server I usually have my region all to myself, due to the time differences.
I consider myself lucky when there are a couple of other pilots flying as well and especially lucky when there is ATC.

However, when that happens, not a day goes by that I don’t hear jets requesting ‘Flight following’, I see pilots flying small jets using ‘Super’ in their call sings, pilots flying by them selves using ‘Flight of X’ in their call sign or pilots confusing left and right traffic. Just naming a few things I come across with just a few pilots. I can’t image the mess when it’s crowded.

I know there are a lot of much more important things to worry about (like if the Concorde is confirmed or not LOL!) (kidding), but I’m starting to get tired of this lack of knowledge.
The Expert Server is supposed to be for “experts”. Not real experts of course, but at least a certain level of basic knowledge should be present.

What would be the best way to increase the level of knowledge?

Tutorials don’t really seem to help. Maybe make watching them mandatory? I don’t know how that would or could be enforced though.
@Maxmustang has mentioned some sort of Pilot Training. That sounds really good, but how would that be put into practice?

I know things like this have been discussed many times before. Hopefully soon a solution will be found.

I love IF. I’d like to help if possible. I just don’t know how.


Another topic complaining about Expert

Orly solution, REPORT THEM


ATC does what they can to advocate correct behavior using the limited commands provided and ghosting. But there are all these little things you mentioned that can’t really be enforced with what we have right now.

I completely agree that we should have a better way of training and reaching out to pilots to promote learning the proper procedures. Hopefully a higher priority than the Concorde. ;)


I’m not taking about ‘Nimrods’.
You can’t blame someone for not knowing stuff.
Reporting them is punishment. That’s not the way to go.
Education is key.


What’s wrong with requesting flight following?


When I had live I never saw anyone doing anything wrong on expert, I had live for a month, played on expert for around 10 days.


It’s used for VFR.


You learn something new everyday. Thanks!


For “improper” call signs?


I hear what you are saying but the things you mentioned don’t really impact you one bit while flying. We have the choice of many aircraft, many times people will change from a heavy to a GA and not change their call sign, Does it really matter? The same goes for the rules with flight following. Many people here are not pilots in real life and do not know some of the more advanced topics, so yes some things get lost.

Unless you have a server for “certified pilots only” you are going to get this sort of stuff. But at the end if the day if someone asking for FF incorrectly is the biggest gripe then its a good day on expert I would say. Unfortunately we have to pick our battles and deal with the people who impact the flight experience of others instead of nit picking others.

I do feel that the tutorials are helping out. I agree we may need a refresher on how to check in with approach and what to ask and when. While controlling I do smile when I see a pilot turn their strobes on correctly or call into the ILS correctly.

If they are impacting your flight, report them. Please do not report someone for having heavy in their name and they are GA. That should be reserved for true inappropriate, not incorrect, call signs.


Well said Chris well said

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I always feel the expert server should be for pilots with 100k+ XP…


Great point both you,Jan and Chris. Honestly more and more often i have to deal with lots of pilots that don’t know the difference btw remain in the pattern and takeoff and others mistakes,don’t know how but something have to change.

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…or the select few that haven’t seen a single violation?

No, I wouldn’t be that harsh. ;)

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I second the notion @Chris_S, your on the right track. This Toughlove approach, us v them and finger pointing just does not cut it. High XP or a Grade 5 have no real meaning or indication of expertise. A certified idiot can get a 5 or a million + XP by drilling circles with unattended redundant long circular legs with the currant machine generated scoring system. Education and a willingness to assimilate is the key.


I control on advanced and while their are great pilots all around and experience helps xp doesn’t mean they know what they are doing



Some people, such as I, don’t have the time to get that much XP. I played on Expert loads, I have around 70 hours on live before expired and only 7 violations, three of which were because I landed a 747 in an airport too small for me :blush:…

I have around 47,000 XP, however I didn’t break a single rule, get warned, or get ghosted on expert.

A select few shouldn’t affect other players.


I agree with both of you to some extent. I agree that it hasn’t really impacted me personally as a pilot and that we need to be a little better understanding and tolerant. However since this is a flight simulator, I think people’s frustration is quite valid, I share it. I think the reason outrage on this forum (not that Jan is guilty of that) isn’t helpful is more than just decency and understanding; I speculate that most of us on the forum are not the issue- you’re not reaching the people you want to reach. I originally found the forum seeking lots of information, frankly I’d say to my own credit. I’m sure others would say the same. Yet at this point we can’t require everyone to do that. Education is it, max says it well. I’m sure this has been much discussed but it seems like the only way would be in-game mandatory tutorials. We have to respect the incredible work and work-load the IF staff manages, but they’ve been extremely responsive to the community. If people want this, I’d say be patient keep talking, try to get a mass of people on board with some plan.


As I’ve stated before. It’s likely that less that than 20% of those who’ve bought the simgame will actually ever join the community.


The problem is that reporting people didn’t work. If it does we will know it. I think that we should bow to the reality principle. We cannot continue to say that reporting people will clear our skies because whe have to surrender…it didn’t work

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