Lack of courtesy and discipline

I took off from KNUC and was heading to L35 on the Advanced Server when a CRJ-200 (Callsign CR506) starts following me.

He passes too close in front of me a couple of times while enroute which I ignore thinking he’s trying to fly formation with me. But looks like he was having fun cutting in front of me!

I approach runway 26 at L35 and he descends behind me. I realise that he’s trying to land as well. Since I already was on final, I announce my position on the unicom hoping that he will maintain safe distance or go around. I’m about to touchdown when he passes above me and lands crashing into me (he was not sending any comm on the unicom all the while).

I reported him right away, but I thought I should share this here.
I’m surprised at his lack of courtesy to fellow fliers and also at his indiscipline! This is not expected from someone who’s Grade 3 and flying in the Advanced Server.

This is how it all ended:


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Exactly. It is unfortunate, but it happens on advanced occasionally. Usually when someone follows me without permission I keeping flying until they leave.


Use the report funvtion


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This guy was too close to me not long ago on the ADV server as well

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Don’t think you should really be landing a 737 at L35.


That’s not the point of this topic, but thank you for the suggestion anyway.

Too bad you had an annoying experience. However, should a 737 really land at L35?

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It’s able…

Depends on its variant

Talking about discipline check this guys out doing an air race right now.

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whoa i actually can’t believe that was on advanced,
did he get ghosted?

I guess we now have Red Bull air races in IF 😜

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I bet u thought he was a stalker

we must! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I so mad at him when he crashed in to u

Well, he definitely was stalking me. I changed course, he followed suit. I increased speed, he followed suit. I slowed down and so did he. And yes, I was mad at him for crashing into me and more so because he wasn’t using unicom at all!

I hate those type of people

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