Lack of center use by ATC

Right now their are eight airports open with ATC on expert server but nobody on center. Thank you ATC for your free services but often I do not see anyone occupying a center. Why is that? It looks like no one wants to control center with eight airports being controlled currently.


IFATC are volunteers and not always free, they have lives as well! There are only a few officers trained to operate center making it rarer! Thanks for understanding.

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Keep in mind that only a certain number of controllers are allowed to open Center. Also, a vast majority of people in America or Asia are asleep. That’s why, but to be honest center just hasn’t been very popular.


I said this the other day it’s annoying. All that work the devs put into it for it to not be used :(

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Not to be used*

It’s personal preference, if I was an officer I would prefer approach just because you get to be more creative and it’s satisfying. Speaking from a traffic controlling perspective approach is far more important than center, it controls traffic better. Would you rather have center or Tower under stress from Traffic causing Go arounds? Just my two cents.

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Im sure Center will be open more frequently as more IFATC are able to use and it and as more people get acclimatised to using it. It’s too new of a frequency right now IMO


At first, IFATC are volunteers, we won’t be there all the time. And then, only a few senior controllers can open Center because a center controller will get heavier traffic in their airspace.


Basically we don’t have enough people

There isn’t a whole lot of IFATC’s out there, then the percentage of the ones who can even touch radar controlling isn’t that big, and add to that that center is the most hardcore frequency out there and you get not that much people doing it. Oh, and don’t forget, some people prefer approach over center


Trust me when I say that I bet a lot of us controllers would like the ability to control center, but it takes a vast amount of time and training to get to the rank of being able to control center because of the sheer amount of traffic. As mentioned above, we simply don’t have enough controllers for center to constantly be occupied, but hopefully sometime soon that will be a possibility.


We don’t need five people saying the exact same thing, or do we?

@Spartandefense, controlling center is not an easy task. With an airspace so big, there can be hundreds of planes in your airspace in any given moment. IFATC currently has 136 qualified radar controllers. This may seem like a lot, but those high traffic frequencies may not be suitable for their experience level. After all, we have to make sure that the quality of service remains as high as can be. Controlling a center airspace with hundreds of aircraft at the main hub isn’t a task that many can do, and I’m sure many officers can admit that.


I agree. I’m just a tower controller and just finished at OMDB. Center is a lot of work to do. At Dubai actually instead of doing 1 center and 1 approach we did 2 approaches. It’s not easy to control that much airspace with one person. Also if I was a radar controller I think I would rather control approach than center.


Thank you all for you responses. Good conversation. This sounds like a cross between qualification and want. You must be qualified and must want to control center. It sounds like many prefer approach over center if one had the choice. I understand all this but i find it a bummer. I really enjoy when a center frequency is open but is very rare. And it sounds like it will remain that way.

Another thing is that pilots do not yet fully understand center. I’ve heard a lot of center controllers say that most of the job is responding with “radar contact” and “check the user guide”. So controllers are having to balance the delicate task of overseeing the busiest airspace in Infinite Flight and getting bombarded with incorrect requests, etc. It’s a two way issue. As soon as pilots understand how to communicate with center and controllers learn how to communicate as center, I’m sure more and more center frequencies will be open. Then again, some radar controllers absolutely love the frequency and can’t get enough of it. Personal opinion is totally a major factor.

The main appeal for Center is for full coverage to be possible. In a perfect world, I’m sure we would all love to be communicating with ATC from pushback to landing. It makes the whole experience of flying so much more immersive and exciting! Hopefully, as more and more people, whether as a pilot or as a controllers, get used to the frequency and educate themselves, full coverage can actually begin to happen in Infinite Flight.


Newly added features, like Centers, haven’t even lasted a year yet but I note IF grew more new players these past couple of months.
Still, Centers were only newly Re-introduced in 20.1 as you’d have known I’m sure, but with more people, exposure, time, events, etc. hopefully that’ll be a thing, soon.

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Not every member is qualified to open Center. You are welcome to join the team and help out.