Lack of center and approach atc

I have been playing IF for a while and I have noticed that there’s not enough approach and center atc’s I do know that becoming an ATC takes dedication and time but all of the ATC are out in very small airports. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem? I love the approach and center ATC in the game. It helps me out a ton!

Thank you

Time will solve this, new recruits are never released to work straight on approach / departure or center this takes time as this is a complete different way of thinking then ground / tower. Since live ATC started the group of ATC has never had such a growth as what it is having now.

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I see. I understand now. Thank you for clarifying.

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We need a community of just ATC in infinite flight besides just advanced controllers

We have more appr/departure controllers now than we ever have had. It was not a good chance of having more than one appr. In a region a couple months ago. Just today in London region I was 1 of 3 appr. Controllers working. However, about an hr or so is all I can bear to stay before brain turns to $h!+