Lack of ATC on Expert

I noticed there seemd to be not that many atc’s on the expert server wich is kind of weird 3/4 times I fly I’m using unicom, I know the ATC’s on the expert server have to be hired but still, there seems to be really not that many wich its not that fun if I can only use Unicom on a server thats also meant for following ATC instructions and things like that

anybody know how we might be able to resolve this issue?

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Maybe you’re just flying in the wrong area?


No they don’t. They’re normal players.

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We do have a controlling schedule that has been shared.

At the end of the day it is and will always be dependent on controllers choosing to control. We have a handful of dedicated controllers and continue to work on recruiting.

We hope to see some needed improvements to ATC as well which will result in more users controlling. Thanks!


Great, sounds nice!

thanks for you reply :)

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