Lack of ATC on ES

Ever since the new region thing came out to IF, I noticed a big drop of ATC. Before the regions assignment came out, ATC where pretty much on 24/7. I’m not saying that I don’t like it but I just noticed it.
Now, it’s kind of hard to choose what flight I’m going to do. It’s only the FNF that’s the most easiest to choose.


I hate to say this, but go where everyone else goes. IFATC will open at busy airports (majority of them), so wherever you see a large pool of arrivals or departures, ATC will probably be there within a few minutes


I understand this issue, and it makes sense, ATC is opening at most airports that are 3D thus not having many diverse airports

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Considering it’s a Thursday, and millions of people across the world are working or at school right now (including me), I wouldn’t be surprised by the lack of ATC right now. Remember, we have lives, and even though traffic levels are lower than they were with assignments, keep in mind that more and more people are returning to in-person jobs and schools.


I understand about people now slowly coming back to school. I think there was a lack of ATC before COVID right? Idk because I had the multiplayer when the pandemic started.
Also, there isn’t much even on sundays and saturdays.

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EGLL and OMDB are rarely open now

There was a lot last weekend, I’ll tell you that much.

Because of COVID, everyone had time to control and fly, well because everyone was at home all the time. It’s been over a year, so naturally, everyone got used to increased traffic levels. However, things are slowly returning to normal, and as a result, it may be difficult to acclimate back to traffic levels pre-COVID.

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I actually haven’t seen that massive drop as you say, many airports like KLAX or EGLL have been open for almost every hour of the day. I have seens some controllers venture out to controlling smaller airfields or their home airport.

Most of this is on the pilots behalf, majority of pilots I see fly to regions that are certain to have ATC. There’s nothing much we can do to change that either so it gets a little boring to control an airfield if you have 4-5 pilots an hour.

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oh. ok. thank u

I personally have never seen EGLL or KLAX closed since May 1st.


airports like EGLL and KLAX don’t have active ATC when I’m starting a flight but it has ATC right when I start to descend

they sometimes close

If they’re ever closed… it’s probably only for like 5 minutes or even no time at all before someone else takes over.
And it’s going to have to close eventually, most of the time it’s just a controller change though.


Being IFATC myself i can tell you EGLL is open a lot more than it used to same for OMBD. Also i think the change took into consideration realism and flexibility as you cant be flexible with a single ATC region. If you’re looking for IFATC and where they will be active take a look at the tracking threads for each region.


I’ll fly on Monday to EGLL. I didn’t notice that. I do have a smol brain. Thank u for ur answer.

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will do thx. I don’t really have time to look at the tracking threads.

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