Lack of approach flight path for one runway at Queenstown

Hey Guys it seems like Queenstown lacks an approach path option for runway 23 like there is for runway 5 as shown in this photo. maybe this needs to be fixed in a future update? It would save a lot of time and effort trying to find the charts and put each waypoint in manually along with the altitude restrictions for each one!

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Yep, there’s definitely some way points missing there!

Heres the charts for Queenstown Runway 5:

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Runway 5 is fine since its already in the game, im referring to runway 23!

Here’s Runway 23:

Thanks Mate, but i do think that it should be included in the game itself

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Agreed! Also you’re welcome 🙂

it would save time by not having to put in each waypoint and altitude restriction manually


There’s no need to put it in manually all the time. You can use this file and use it with Adam’s website and you can add it to your flight anytime:

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I did that and it got put in, but i still have to put in the altitude limits in manually and it only does an approach from the east rather than from the west.

About altitudes: before saving the .fpl file input the altitudes manually only the first time to save the full approach when you need to fly to

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