Lack of Airways in the IF

Hello, I want to give a suggestion to you developers to add in Infinite Flight: I missed AIRWAYS in the Simulator. This is very important for all simulators, Example: in X-Plane Mobile, X-Plane pc, Microsoft Flight, Aerofly has airways and in Infinite Flight it doesn’t, here I’ll give the answer of what airways are for those who don’t know. What is AIRWAY? These are types of virtual corridors that delimit the trajectory and altitude that the aircraft must follow in a given airspace, allowing the pilot, through the aircraft’s navigation equipment, to manage the flight safely and accurately. In the photo shows an airway (UZ45) when we make the route from SBRJ (SANTOS DUMONT) - SBSP (CONGONHAS), please developers, add the airways in Infinite Flight!


I would perhaps consider adding a vote here, would love this too nonetheless 🙃

Also fun fact, prior to global, these airways used to exist. However they were removed, the reason why I don’t know though.

Oh, interesting idea !

Duplicate - Please vote in the linked topic above.