Lack of activity on Expert server?

Recently I’ve reached Grade 3 (finally!). I was so excited to finally be able to interact with IFATC that are actually aware of what to do. But when flying on expert, I noticed the lack of ATC and even users that are flying. I know in cases it’s just bad timing and I happen to be flying when not a lot of people are active.

Has it been like this since the release of global?

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Hello! This is caused as ATC only controls on certain regions. As example if you are flying in Asia today, you will notice less users as the controllers are controlling Europe today.

For more information of this week’s schedule, have a look on here

This can also be contributed by the demotions of some Expert pilots due to recent changes. Have a look at @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF link for more info 😉


No, it happened recently with new requirements for Expert Server.


I reckon I should pay more attention to those threads now, I didn’t even think about it. I suppose I’m still stuck in the days of regional maps instead of it all being global.


Activity on the Expert Server has always been much lower than on what you may have previously flown on, Training Server 1 or the Casual Server.

@George Included a great link so you can see where the Infinite Flight ATC or IFATC control on a weekly basis. There is a new thread for each week with different regions, hubs or locations where these fine ATC enthusiasts control.

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Check out this topic:

It tells you where the IFATC controllers will be controlling on any given day. Try to plan flights that involve that area so you can have ATC

Edit: Oops, George got there first!

Yeah that’s why am still flying in training server.
More planes! so feel a bit more realistic, sometimes just get pissed by trollers…

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Friday’s are usually very busy on the expert server. Also, during the US day is when the traffic peaks

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No it didn’t. The decrease of users is hardly noticeable. A very low percentage were affected.


So for events such as these, do I need to be a part of a VA?

Not at all. Don’t consider it as an event, but rather a schedule. You can attend anytime.

It isn’t an event, so you don’t need to belong to a VA.

Thank you. Sorry if I’m posting a thread that may have been posted before, but I try to search threads on here and sometimes I can’t find one I need. If this needs to be closed please don’t be so rude about it.


These questions are perfectly fine. This forum can take some getting used to as it’s got some funky rules and is set up differently than most forums

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