@Lachy’s ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED)

Hey guys! Recently I have gained interest in Air Traffic Control in Infinite Flight. So, I have decided to make a tracking thread so I can become a better controller and a potential IFATC. Feel free to give any feedback as I have a lot to learn.

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G’day Lachy!

Thanks for the great service. Are you interested in controlling on the expert server?


Hey mate, of course! Would be my pleasure :)


Check out this topic:

PM me with all the details specified in the topic above.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Since both you mates are less than five hundred miles apart from each other… why don’t you pick a pub in between and fly down there to work things out over a beer or two !!!


Ground & Tower now active at Melbourne Airport (YMML). Come and butter some landings with some pattern work :)

I will try to be over in about 15 min to do patterns in a BBJ…l will look through my binoculars to see the red carpet you have lined the tarmac with !!!

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I was test flight 9 just there fell through the floor lol

Big thanks to those who came, especially @ThomasR & @Recxx, I’m sure I’ll have some feedback off one of you as I think there may of been a few hiccups :)

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You get a ten …AFAIAC…I remember flying with you a couple of years ago and thought you were an IFATC officer then…so l will try to catch you when you are controlling somewhere the next time around…but l don’t think it will be very long before you are in an expert tower…and thanks for the practice !!!


Your name does ring a bell. Thanks a lot mate!

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Iv been using the atc feature alot. I would’nt mind doing atc on the expert server. Down side is im a grade 2

Being a Grade 2 is not bad. I see you are quite new on this community. So while you are doing patterns, to win your 40,000 points, you can spend the time checking the #tutorials section, and learn the trics. All helps to get you ready for flying on Expert, so you’re well equipped with good info and can contribute to great game play.

Take care 😊


Ground & tower now closed @KSAN.

Open at YPPH (Ground & tower).

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Now closed. Thanks to those who came :)

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FRODO was with you;)

Can’t say anything. Just good

Good luck

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Cheers! Appreciate it :)

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Open at YSSY. Come along and help me improve my ATC skills :)

Edit: Closed

Open at EGLL, come and fly some patterns if you wish :)