Labor Day Weekend in Hollywood ( FLIGHT 1 )

Well ladies and gentlemen, my 1st irl tripreport is here I am spending Labor Day Weekend ( September 1st → 5th ) in Los Angeles, California 🌴📸 I hope you guys enjoy my 1st irl trip report and if you guys like you can give me any tips on how to improve!

I woke up at 5am, took a quick shower 🧼 got dressed, made my bed, did my hair and I was out on my way down to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood- International Airport to get this cross country weekend started with JetBlue on their Airbus A321-200 with their phase 1 interior yes unlike the infinite flight world, I don’t fly American all the time I fly whatever is cheapest and Spirit was the cheapest but let’s be honest, spirit on a 5 hour flight? Yeah no I’m sorry unless I’m crazy I’m never doing that. So then there was JetBlue who offered a cheap price but good seats, unlimited snacks & drinks, FREE Wi-Fi and I said


Perfect! So that is what I’m flying out to LA today but enough talking, LETS BEGIN!

Flight Info

Origin: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl 🇺🇸 ( KFLL )
Destination: Los Angeles Intl 🇺🇸 ( KLAX )
Flight Time: 4:48
Airbus A321-200 ( JetBlue )
Sever: None ( Real Life )

Here we are at FLL, it’s currently 6:30am saying goodbye and thanks to my grandfather for taking us to the airport despite the early hour and I gotta say this, airports at night/early morning are literally a vibe! 😎

Here we are after a really good breakfast at a restaurant close by, we made it to E2 we’re N929JB was waiting for us, the 9 year old Airbus A321 taking me across the country to LA and if you look closely, you can see the National Geographic Boeing 757 parked out there too but anyways, I think it’s time for boarding.

Here is my seat 11D! This A321 is still equipped with the “Phase 1” interior JetBlue used to replace their “Classic” interior previously found on A320s and currently on their Embrear E190s, this has been replaced by their “Phase 2” interiors found on A321neos/LRs with a mint cabin and new A320s and A220s without it. And sadly, I DIDN’T get the window seat and besides I got the troll row ( the row that doesn’t have a window on the window seat ) so I wouldn’t have one either way but anyways, seat is comfortable, headrests are adjustable, tray table is big and like every JB aircraft, their is a personal IFE screen! 💙 but enough let’s get this cross country flight started!

Our routing was quite strange, we’d depart going north towards the Florida Panhandle then going west towards LA which made the flight a little longer but that’s okay!

Since I didn’t get a window seat, there is sadly NO take off shots but don’t worry, I got some landing ones 😉 but anyways we climbed up to FL320 initially and we eventually climbed to FL360 before descending back down to FL320 before descending into LAX, crew started their service with the usual snacks and beverages, I got a Pepsi with some Pretzels 🥨 and enjoyed it! I connected to JBs Fly-Fi internet which is always free of charge, I was kind of slow when we were climbing but once we reached cruise, it worked PERFECTLY with ALMOST all my apps the only funky one was Snapchat, but YouTube, TikTok and Instagram were working fine just like at home and yes even Infinite Flight worked well, crew were friendly and helpful and even worked great up in Mint too and heck they were also pretty funny! 5 stars here ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to pass the time, I went on my phone and watched a movie.

The only good thing about no getting window seats is being able to include more shots, so here is the layout of the Phase 1 A321, 3-3 for economy and 2-2 for Mint up front.

We started our descent above Palm Springs or San Bernardino and it was time for this flight to come to an end. Overall, this flight didn’t even feel long heck it felt quicker than the time I did this route on IF it just felt like a 3 hour flight. But I’d your flying Spirit, it may be a different story 🥴

And here’s a view of Downtown LA! I still think I did decent on it despite being on the Aisle.

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome for the first time ( irl that is ) to Los Angeles International Airport, im glad to be here even though I didn’t get a window seat, I still managed to get a decent view of LA. I even spotted an EVA Boeing 777-300ER and a Korean Air Airbus A380 parked at Tom Bradley International Terminal from the tiny view from the window.

We parked at Terminal 5, more specifically Gate 57 and just like my luck with LAX in IF, this gate didn’t have windows so here is just a view of LAXs Terminal 5, I hope you enjoyed this trip report for my 1st time, I think I did great the only real improvement I can do is get a window seat but now I got to baggage claim, get my car and go to that In N Out by Runway 24R to eat something and watch the arrivals into LAX. If you liked this and want to see more, you’re in luck! am taking the Banana 🍌 to Cali, Colombia 🇨🇴 in October also in the real world so stay tuned for that but as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


Nice trip report!!! I love those early morning flights, I must say.


Awesome tripreport, quite unlucky you didn’t get a window as you could have gotten nice sunrise pics but that’s alright. Hope you enjoyed your flight.

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Thanks the sun was already up by the time we took off

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