Labor Day Weekend in Hollywood ( FINAL FLIGHT )

Before I begin the last segment of this IRL Los Angeles 🌴📸 weekend trip, I wanna say…

THANK YOU!! For all the support on yesterdays Cake Day Screenshots and Videos topic I woke up to a total of 28 likes it is currently my 2nd most liked topic behind my 1st expert server flight but I have a feeling that it’ll be surpassed at least before September ends but anyways, back to the trip report!

I woke up at around 7:00am for my almost 12:00pm flight back home to Fort Lauderdale, Florida 🏝️🛥️ after spending an AMAZING 4 days here in Los Angeles, California 🌴📸 I managed to do A LOT despite the holiday weekend, even more than when I went to New York City 🗽🍎 back in 2021 and we had a similar amount of time in both cities but now, we had to return our car, make our way to LAX to get back to the east coast of the US 🇺🇸 and as I Quote,

”After 4 days on the West Coast, It was time to go home.”

Flight Info

Origin: Los Angeles Intl 🇺🇸 ( KLAX )
Destination: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl 🇺🇸 ( KFLL )
Flight Time: 4:39
Airbus A321-200 ( JetBlue )
Server: None ( Real Life )

Here we are, JetBlues base of operations here at LAX, Terminal 5. We did have a good check in process and quick TSA, I underestimated LAX 😅 thanks to my brilliant idea of waking up at 7:00am and only getting to LAX at 9:00am, we had to spend 2 HOURS waiting to board, great 😒

Here is our route for today, pretty basic. We depart LAX in a southwest direction and basically heading across the country and even going over a bit of the Gulf of Mexico before reaching the west coast of Florida.

Just like with my casual luck with LAX ( in IF and IRL ) our gate 55A didn’t have good view of the plane but it is a normal JetBlue Airbus A321-200, A 6 year old built in September 2017 but unlike the plane that brought me to LA, this one still carried the older tail design. Before boarding, the gate agent said that the Fly-Fi, JetBlues internet service was not working but we will see about that, but anyways here we are boarding, up front is their Mint cabin arranged in a 2-2 configuration, I would love to try it out! 💙

Once again, no window seat 😔 even worse, MIDDLE SEAT but I am closer to the window so quality of shots will be better. Seats all familiar by now, large tray table, medium sized PTV, adjustable headrests, power below the seat and amazing legroom, anything you could ask for a 4 almost 5 hour flight but let’s pushback and taxi out to LAXs Runway 25R for take off!

As soon as we got onto the runway, the pilot said…


Yeah we took off like a ROCKET 🚀 from LAX, as we say our final goodbyes to LA, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy our flight back to the east coast, I will 100% miss that California breeze!

We initially climbed to FL330 before going up to FL350 around Dallas, Texas but once again, the crew started their service with the drinks first and than their snacks and letting us get up at any point during the flight to go to the pantry to get more, like if we were at home. Now, we try the Fly-Fi to see if it actually worked or not and that agent was, drumroll please…….


Well idk actually, maybe it magically started working again but yes it did work despite what she said, similar to last time, slow during climb but blazing fast during cruise. I’m gonna have to give JetBlue 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ NOT because the Fly-Fi not working lie, it’s just this crew wasn’t as funny as the crew from the previous flight, but you know what didn’t work?

Either my PTV volume or earbud volume

It was insanely low, I watched an episode of friends and could barely hear ANYTHING. I couldn’t even get captions to show on screen so that’s a fail but imagine if the internet actually didn’t work. Well we’re essentially flying Spirit, but with free snacks and beverages with good legroom.

It’s time for a Lavatory review! It’s a basic Airbus lav, it is cramped but gets the job done ✅

We started our approach into Fort Lauderdale above Fort Myers and other Florida west coast cities now it’s time for this cross country flight to come to an end. Overall, both of these flights didn’t even feel like flights,


Back then it took people months to get from the east coast to the west coast. But now thanks to aviation, you can make the journey in around 4-5 hours. A massive leap in evolution if you ask me! Seats were extremely comfortable and spacious great for this cross country flight and would 100% fly this across the Atlantic to London, UK 🇬🇧 Paris, France 🇫🇷 and the newly launched, Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱 so now we sit back and relax enjoy this landing into FLLs RWY 10L!

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport ending this long weekend trip in Hollywood. I only missed 2 days of school and the rest were Saturday, Sunday and Labor Day so I didn’t even miss too much of school but I wouldn’t mind missing more! 😀

We parked into Gate F1 in FLLs terminal 2 concourse F but like my luck, there were NO views of the plane so here’s just us walking to baggage claim to get out bag, wait for my grandparents to pick us up, pick up some food, and make my way back home! Hope you guys enjoyed this series and if you did, your in luck! Late October I will be flying once again on everybody’s favourite airline, Spirit down to Cali, Colombia 🇨🇴 for my cousins Quince so stay tuned for that but as always between now and the next one, see you in the sky! 😉👋


Very nice trip report.


The one place on a plane that I will never venture to. It takes special bladder and gut training to not use the lav, even on the longest of flights. 😂 I’ll hold it till I burst!


I just wanted to see what it was like but I never use bathrooms in public unless it’s a real emergency. Thanks for stopping by DeerCrusher!


Thanks bro 🙏🏻


Love this tripreport, can’t wait until the next one!


The next irl one may be a while, but it’ll be here before you know it!


Nice trip report! It was a fun evening read.


Thanks, glad you liked it!


well, I pride myself on that!


They said it wasn’t working but it was lol


I have to agree here. The toilets on aircraft are terrifying. Get too close and they’ll suck you in!


Because the Challengers are probably coated in gold or something 🤪


Nah, this is Expert


Really? Thought it was training 😅


Oh, typo. It’s casual. That’s why you got ghosted three times on the runway and flew through a Ryanair 737 flying LAX-SFO on takeoff


Lol I always get mildly anxious when you feel the air sucking past your ankles and I’m like is that supposed to happen…?

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Same thing on a cruise you can feel it

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Nice shoes and shirt lol


Thanks bro 😎🙏🏻

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