Labels for International and Domestic Terminals, Gates

Where applicable, it would be helpful at some major airfields if terminals and/or corresponding gates were labeled “domestic” and “international.” Of course, all users should do the research during the flight planning process, asking oneself, “Where will be the proper place to park my A380 upon arrival?” But let’s face it, many of us fail to do this regularly.

Landing at Sydney (YSSY) today brought this home for me. I am familiar with this airfield as I lived in Australia for some time. I taxied my A330 to the international terminal, as I was arriving in a widebody from South Africa. There, I found several domestic RJs in widebody gates. The 747 behind me taxied to the domestic terminal, almost certainly without knowing. Bedlam!

Cargo, general aviation, and maintenance spots are normally labeled when spawning. My request is two fold: 1) Introduce international/domestic labels gates where possible for spawning aircraft, and 2) introduce some sort of terminal labels on the map for arriving aircraft already in the sim. In theory, one also add the airline (e.g. United, Qantas) to certain airline-specific terminals/gates, but let’s not go crazy here.

Examples of airports with clear, separate international terminals:
KATL terminals E and F
YSSY terminal 1
YBBN int’l terminal (gates 72-87)


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Sorry, this is already a feature request. You can vote for it here:

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