LA to Vegas premier

Anyone else watching alongside myself? Looks pretty faithful to RW airline travel!!! 😂


Yep I am lol, loving it so far!

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Haven’t seen it yet, however, I have seen the commercial, it looks good. The issue is I don’t have cable so hopefully it comes to Amazon or Netflix.

I don’t think this is a very good idea to bring up on the forum its a sitcom on NBC. I do plan to watch though lol funny one

Honestly I recommend this to all avgeeks, it is funny and aviation related at some times! So far I am enjoying and can’t wait to see how this sitcom plays out!

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What channel is this on?

I believe you can watch it on demand from here:
(May only be for United States users but i’m not sure)

My general impression was that it was a VERY accurate attempt to poke sarcastic fun at the RW airline industry. There were so many aspects of it that were like “that would totally happen in RL.”, and “that would definitely happen in RL if it were legal!”, that I almost wonder if a RL airline employee had input on the storyboard development 😂

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Ugh, sadly no. I am gonna try my best to try and watch it though. How often and when does it show?

Not sure of the schedule. I’d check Fox’s site. I’m guessing Monday nights @9.

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It’s a hilarious show… I can’t wait for episode 2!

Edit: I put season rather than episode… I’m waiting for that eagerly too haha

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