LA to Singapore with the lovely Singapore A350

This is a flight from Los Angles to Singapore with the lovely Singapore airlines A350!
Enjoy the video! =)
Video description & flight details
Plane: A350-900 (airbus)
Flight time: 16-17 hours
Altitude FL: 340 34000ft
Server: training
Video uploaded: 7/11/2021
Video uploader: Aviation001
Video editing app: VN
Video edited by: Jared001 & Aviation001

I would make the title something else and post the video link where you put your flight information and such.

Title Example: LA to Singapore in the Beautiful SQ A350 (or something)


Changed the title for you, it appears as the title still has a link but here is your video link as well.

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Sorry for the low quality guys I forgot to make the settings perfect…but the next time lapse I upload will have better quality =)

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