LA to SFO! @ KLAX - 140000ZFEB19

  • Aircraft and Livery: American MD-11

  • Route: Direct San Francisco

  • Time of Departure: 0000Z

  • Server:Training Server

  • Additional Information:

3rd Attempt at this. Please tell me if I did anything wrong :)

ATC will be needed at both airports.

Hope to see you there

Be sure to follow me! Captain12345 or American 558

I’m spawning at Terminal 7 Gate 72
Spawn near there to find me

Owner of Tanistic Air

As noted in your last post:

Please, make sure to review the topics linked in your previous posts by fellow members. Feel free to shoot me or a moderator a PM if you have any further questions.

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Title should look like this @ KLAX - 140000ZFEB19 after your title of the group flight!

I went ahead and changed it for you:)


Thank you🙏


Sure thing! But please make sure it is correct next time. See the topic that Thomas linked if you need more help!


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