LA to London in a 172 leg 2 of 22


Time: 2:30
Route: KRNO - KBNO
Aircraft: Cessna 172

Getting ready for flight with @Anson_Gallaway and @Michigan_Aviation.

Lining up on the runway.

Takeoff with 2 crazy pilots.

Middle of the flight.

Another Ryanair landing but better than last time.

Parked after 2:30 minutes without @Michigan_Aviation because his game crashed.

Thanks for viewing :D bye!


These are really good pictures!

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This is literally what all my 172 landings look like haha

Great shots! I wish you luck for the rest of the journey (and happy St. Paddy’s Day, btw!)

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RIP @Michigan_Aviation
Great shots!

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Thank you.

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Thanks you too!

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Thanks @Michigan_Aviation

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I’m impressed!

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This is great! Not to long ago me and @RileyBozina completed Dubai to London in the XCub!


Thanks I don’t know if I’ll make it 😅

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Nice it is fun!

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