La Ferte Alais 2022 - Part 2

Hello, IFC!

Yesterday, I went to the Ferte Alais airshow and got some pictures.

Here is part 1
I am not going to make a flowery intro. Here are the pics:

A very rare Ryan trainer aircraft from 1943

A Dassault Flamand with a damaged left vertical stabilizer and a nose bigger than mine

A beautiful Spitfire

An Atlantique surveillance aircraft

A T-6 turning the runway into gruyere cheese

Red Bull doing Red Bull things (sorry for the blur, I was having a hard time following the heli with my camera)

Two Rafales doing a powerful departure into the storm

A flight of 9 doing their best at polluting the planet as much as possible in 10 minutes

A Hercules doing a flyby with an open ramp and a nice CB behind it

An IFC user has very kindly request that I post 9 pictures on this topic, which explains the missing picture.

Thank you for looking!


@Laura (She asked for a tag)


Nice shots! The Rafales are so pretty 😍

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Nice! It looks sick! I love going to airshows

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Great shots!

I didn’t actually think you would do 9 pics 😅

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He’s a man of his word


what a beautiful spitfire!

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It was fun hanging out! Great pics! :)


Indeed it was! Thank you :)

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Great photos!

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