La Ferte Alais 2022 - Part 1

Hello, IFC!

Today, I went to my second visit of the Ferte Alais airshow, located at the Ferte Alais airport in the town of Ferte Alais, between Route de Ferte Alais and Rue de l’Alais.

This time though, instead of going alone like a miserable French boy, I met with @Laura and we had a good time.

Ok, now for the pics.

The day started off strong with this beautiful Lockheed Electra, the one Amelia AerHeart flew on her legendary flight!

This was followed by an Italian wingwalker

An MRTT then came along and gave us a little bit of refueling action with a Rafale.

The Securite Civile putting out a fire that was caused by an explosive

You could put some food on this airplane’s plate and deliver it to America.

The dishplane escorted by two Rafales


A cub pilot kindly showing everyone what would happen if I was allowed inside a plane

At this point, the weather worsened and lightning started appearing. This led to a flash flood a few hours later that turned the highway into a 3 foot deep pool of water but that’s not the point right now.

Also @Laura thought this looked “mean” so here it is lol

Last but not least, the Americans, 20 minutes late but still nice.
Also the easyjet flight behind it was an A320-200 approaching Orly after a flight fro-NERD
ok sorry

Ok that’s it for today!

I still have 2,743 pictures to share if anyone is interested.

Part 2?

Jk I’ll make one anyways

Thank You!




old joke i know

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In case anyone thought I was joking about the highway having 3 feet of water, I am French so I have no sense of humor.

See for yourself

It was true



How did you get her to met you?

2: you have 11 pics 10 is the max

3: Great shots

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I asked (relatively) politely

Ok, I’ll put 9 in the next if I remember to do so

Thanks :)

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That doesn’t mean you can still put 11

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I believe the limit is to avoid having too many pictures on the forum (because the forum uses discourse, which costs depending on how much storage is used). I may be wrong but I think that if I have 11 and then 9, that makes 20 pics over 2 topics which should be ok. (Theoretically)


It’s the rules 😁

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Good to have that handy. Thanks


when France’s highways get more water than the entire SoCal area. 💀

Nice pictures! I loved the wing walker one!

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Ca mouille! (It’s watery!)


cough cough mini mod?
I’m joking just a joke.

Anyways great pictures the Rafael at the end is an amazing shot. I bet part 2 is gonna be even better too


Why are you joking?
Being annoying for the sake of it should be called out


@N908QD yeah lol, uneven distribution at its finest

@Alexis.B en effet, ca mouille bien!

@Zach007 thank you very much!


Only because people can be to sensitive so when you add the joking part they tend to not be, I’ve seen many out-lashes over something small on the forum over the years

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Beautiful again! I love airshows! I need to go back to one soon

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