L3gom4n's ATC Tracking Thread - [closed] @NA

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread. If you have any feedback feel free to PM me. Thank you.


I’ll stop by.

I’ll come in, callsign NP69D7

I’m coming


NP69D7 Here, feedback:

  • Transition was too low, for this airport I recommend 3,000 feet or above, for other airport click the airport and find the airport Elevation, add that number to 2,500feet and round it up to the next 500.
  • when I called inbound you should first give pattern entry then clearance
  • you gave clearance for @RitzRegis to take off while I was still on the runway, it’s better you wait till I’m airborne with a few hundred feet

Everything else is good, keep it up!

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Thank you.

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Hello L3gom4n,

I was N229LA, and I have a couple of things for feedback,

  1. Good job with the transition, however, when I requested inbound, you must give a pattern entry followed by a clearance instead of just a clearance.
  2. Good job on recognizing that I was too close to the traffic in front of me, but instead of using left/right 360, I would have used the go around feature as I was on short final and it makes sense in that situation.
  3. Good job of handling go around and departure instructions.

That’s all from me, if you have any questions just PM me!


Thank you.

For the future, I would also only open airports with 2 parallel runways as this will give you the most practice in sequencing and dealing with arrivals.


Ok, thank you.

Hi I was N269LO,
Sorry about my bad piloting skills. Good job overall. Here are my comments:

  • try to clear me a little earlier on that first clearance
  • after my runway change I needed a traffic direction with my clearance since I was on a different runway.
  • Namir already mentioned this but I’ll add some feedback. Generally 360s are for a little farther out in the field such as 25 miles or earlier on the cone.

Thanks for the service,


Thank you.

25 miles is quite far out, I don’t see how a left/right 360 would be helpful in this case. If a 360 needs to be issued, it should be on the downwind leg and 360’s on final are discouraged.

Keep in mind that all aircraft in the pattern are VFR and are responsible for their own separation (see and avoid) therefore if you issue them a sequence, they should be following it.


Thank you everyone for coming out tonight, I hope to see you in the future.


Feel free to ping me in your sessions and I’ll try to come

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