Kyline/Athena's flight highlight of the day!

Hello, Kyline/Athena (on Instagram) here, Therefore i said hi already, i present to you, the recent pics of my flight from EHAM-LOWW on a Glorious Martinair MD-11F!

Flight Details:
Server- Expert
Aircraft- McDonnell Douglas MD-11F
Airline- Martinair
Flight time- about 1h 45min

Lining up on the runway, about to takeoff shortly.

Lined-up, but still no clearance for departure.

On approach to Vienna after a short, almost 2 hour flight.

Hope yall enjoyed this today’s flight highlights! Hope you liked it and see ya later!

Peace, Kyline/Athena.


Great photos!!


Lovely photos! And love the editing too. What’s your Instagram? I’ll definitely follow you.

Oh, is that Athena?

Loving the first two photos! The editing is hard but it makes the photos look awesome!

For some reason, it looks over edited but the way you did that looks really cool! Great edits and angles!

its if_captainathena btw.

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