Kyles.aviation’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED PRACTICAL]

Thanks a lot to you too for everything. Good luck again. Bye, see you soon!

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Hey @Kyles.aviation, below is my feedback from today’s session.

-Transition altitude was correct, 3K.
-Great pattern entry and clearance.
-Nicely timed runway exit.

Overall great job today, wish I could’ve stayed longer but something came up. Good luck on the test, hope to see you soon!


Hello…here’s Bullet 99 feedbacks

Don’t be afraid lol…it was a long session with many planes so there is a lot of material to work with! I’m pretty happy for you. Thanks to all who joined…

[17:21:29] The job was done so it is not really an issue but you issue me 2 commands in 5 secs or so…Here is your sense of anticipation needed…You could have issue me directly my LUAW since the landing plane was almost there…in no way I could be on the runway before he passed my position so you would have reduced a bit the workload by avoiding the hold short command for 5 seconds…

[17:23:05] Here is a tricky r/w change…you had time to issue me the enter right downwind…here again, in no way the departing plane could have been in conflict by the time he finished to align and begins his roll… We’ll come back on runway change / upwind conflict later

Sequences: try to sequence as soon as upwind / crosswind…
Clearances: aim crosswind / early d/w…

[17:26:11]: Here is the result of my left d/w instead of right. G-IOCO and I are about the same position on opposite d/w. The sequence we had at first was good…no need to extend his downwind since he’s sequenced as #2. He is responsible of giving me space to enter since I’m #1. You could also have resequenced G-IOCO as #1 and me as #2 since he was closer to the r/w and already on R side… here again your workload is reduced once the new sequence is issued. No need to extend downwind and call base…once sequenced, the pilots are responsible of their spacing.

[17:29:49] Good clearance.

[17:30:41] Good pattern entry with sequence on r/w change 👌🏻

[17:32:32] Good clearance with direction to take since first landing on that new side 👌🏻

[17:37:12] Stef (OO-LXV) and I created what we call an upwind conflict. Considering you don’t have an official IFATC trainer, you did a good job. There is another way, preferred for IfATC, to handle upwind conflicts: Extend the upwind of the requesting plane until the other turn crosswind and clears the way. Then issue the new pattern entry and sequence for the plane requesting. That way, both planes are on the same d/w side and you avoid the [17:26:11] situation.

[17:40:42] I reported position since I was not cleared…I received a Roger instead…make sur the plane calling position is cleared before answering Roger. He may be trying to attract your attention saying he is not cleared… 😉

[17:44:47] I wanted to give you another chance with upwind conflict with G-IOCO…try to practice the extend upwind way before your practical!

[17:52:26] You issued my exit command a bit late…aim 70-90KT for that command.

As I say, I think it was your first time with that much planes so again, it was a good work!!

I would say don’t rush your practical. If you feel you need more time to practice, ask if you can reschedule it in a couple of days. Better that than failing it and be forced to wait longer 😉

I’ll try to have time to fly again for you later tonight if you open. Feel free to ping me here or on discord if any questions…

Good luck with your practical if we don’t meet again before that 🍀

Hey @Stef_Smet It was a real pleasure to finally fly with you today!!


Thanks very much man, appreciate you joining!

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Hi Kyle, I received your rwy exit clearance to the left when Jinco came from the right on the taxiway. I was still on tower frequency when Jinco received your “give way” clearance I suppose. I stopped on the taxiway to receive your “taxi to parking” clearance so in my oppinion, Jinco had to stop and had to gave way to me. To be clear, I’m not IFATC but that’s just what the command “give way to aircraft exiting the rwy” is all about.

I think you did well cause it was sometimes hectic during the session.😉

Keep up the good work,
Stef (oo-lxv)


I’d say that took long to write! Really really appreciate it man. I get what you mean with the extend upwind thing. I think i’ll keep my practical for tomorrow evening and do another session with you in about 1-2 hours? I’ll @ you and hopefully a few others can come along at the same airport. Thanks again for joining and i’ll for sure try to get better with that stuff. I’ll also try to not use the “extend” commands. I was just making sure there was no conflict but if sequencing does that then that’s ok!


Thank you very much Stef for joining. Sorry for all the corrections during the last pattern. Appreciate you joining and I hope ya have a good day!


Don’t hesitate to ping me here also, but don’t forget to ping me on my discord server since I’m monitoring it more closely 😉

It is a real pleasure to help you!

Note that I’m NOT an official trainer if you are OK with that…


That’s no problem at all! I heard there is a waiting list for the training programme so I just decided to
open tracking threads and you have been great help along with the others! I’ll be sure to ping you


If you want, ping me too Kyle, when I see the chance I’ll be happy to help you out!


Thank you very much. I’ll probably be on in about an hour or two!

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Hey! This is my first ATC tracking thread. I’ve applied for IFATC a few days ago and i’ve passed my written test. I thought this would be the time to get some practice in for my practical! If anyone joins in feel free to give me any tips I would appreciate it a lot 🤙

Airport: PHNL
Server: Training Server
Frequency: Ground & Tower
Runways in use: 8L/8R
Status: OPEN

Things to note:

Pattern work is allowed

I’m focusing on

• Sequencing
• Separation
• Pattern work
• Departures

Thanks :)

Practical is tomorrow, this will be my last training session unless I can get one in tomorrow!

@J-F_V @Stef_Smet

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Hi! I just want to tell you that unfortunately, I can’t come now. I’m sorry, if I could, I would have come with great pleasure. Bye-bye!

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Apologises for not tagging you! It’s ok tho, appreciate you for coming to the last one. I’ll do one more tomorrow before my practical!

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No problem with the tag! Tomorrow I am a bit busy all day, but if I can I will come :)

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Thanks all very much who attended my training server sessions to help me train for my practical exam! Glad to say i’ve passed and look forward to controlling on the expert server with you all. Have to say, the whole of IFATC are lovely people!

Big thanks to @Juan_Oosthuizen for being my recruiter and thanks for @Jinco @BT_HANDLES @Clee15 @Stef_Smet @J-F_V for attending most of training server sessions! I also appreciate @CompetitiveDivide320 and @Josh_104 for giving me the courage to apply 🤙


Hi! I am very happy to hear this and I am grateful to have helped you these days. I hope you have a lot of fun in this great new adventure and I hope to see you controlling in the Expert Server. See you, bye! ;)

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Congrats on making ATC!

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Thank you very much!


Really appreciate it man! Have a great week :)

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