kylejtam's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I am practicing for my IFATC test and it would be great to have some professional traffic swing by to help me out. I will be opening KMIA Ground and Tower throughout the week.
Drop by if you’re available or takeoff/land from KMIA if you have the time. Be sure to leave comments in this thread on my controlling. Anything helps, but try to keep the communications to a professional standard. Please like this post if you intend on swinging by so I have an idea of how much traffic to expect.

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I think you have to add to your title that you are open or closed.


Are you open or closed atm? If you are not active, please change your title thread :-)!


KMIA is now open. Refer to top of thread for runways.

Hey I was N489EA,

First of all nice to see that more people are applying for IFATC, the more applying the more airports they can open (imo).

I have some feedback on your controlling, eventhough I was short of stay! due connection

Airport pick
I know it’s your own choice of controlling an airport, however, I would start with smaller hubs/airports rather than picking big hubs (with big traffic)!

Ground control
I requested pushback, however, GA aircrafts don’t have the option to pushback. Therefore you needed to correct me and just said “Taxi to XX”.

The whole taxiway I was taxing through grass and was not even using the taxiway, so I’d give you advise to also face your camera to ground so you have more control on what a pilot is doing.
I had a question regarding the active RWYS, you said to me to go to 26L, why? 26R was a better option (always look for an efficient flow).

Tower control
American 3372 requested permission to cross RWY 27, however you said to issued an hold short. Why if I may ask? Cause there was no inbound aircraft nor an aircraft on the RWY itself. So having him to wait to cross the RWY was not needed.

Good that you commanded me to LUW RWY 26L tho!

When I requested take off with remaing pattern you just cleared me for take off without traffic. Always when somebody is requesting a take off remaining in the pattern give them a traffic. I had to give again my position (one on right downwind and one on right base) to receive a cleared for the option (you corrected yourself by giving a traffic then, which is good… However the traffic shouldve been given during take off clearance). On the 2nd leg you cleared me on time :-), which was nice!

When I requested RWY change to 27 you confused me, cause first you said that I had to enter left downwind 27 (which was not bad at all, however I was on right downwind 27) and then you gave me again patternwork to enter right downwind (which was better for me atm, since I was on rightdownwind) but then you send me again pattern instructions to go to leftdown wind.

That got me confused :-P… However the clearance for the option was good ;-)!

Anyway, overall nice job done… But I’d advice you just to go to a smaller hub with less traffic!


Thanks for dropping by. This definitely helps me out.

I picked KMIA since it’s usually a quiet hub so most of the time there isn’t much traffic. I think you just dropped by at a peak time.

I realized my mistake when I issued a pushback but saw your aircraft. This is one of my more common mistakes and I am slowly phasing that out.
As for the taxiing through grass…oops. I hope your wheels still work.
As for runway choice, I chose to set 26L for takeoffs and 26R for landings. But I’ll take your advice to have better flow when the airport is less busy.

For tower control, there were a few pilots who came in and were “unable to follow instructions”. AAL3372 may have been one of them. It is physically impossible to cross RWY27 as the other side is just grass. But I will have to check the replay later since I am still controlling

Thanks again for dropping by. I’m going to remain open for quite some time so if you’re free, I wouldn’t mind you dropping by again.

See you in the skies,
Kyle Tam


Per 5.1 of the manual:

“ALL available runways should be used at ALL times”

If it’s close to empty like I assume it was at KMIA, use all runways for dep/landing unless there are restrictions like aircraft size or terrain. Generally, dep/landing runways are only assigned when traffic levels are very high or other factors (such as the ones listed above) come into play.


Thanks. Will keep that in mind. Where could I get a copy of the manual you are referring to?

Go to ATC tutorials and the manual is available there


I was about to drop by, but you were only open for 10 minutes 🤷🏼‍♂️

I was open for 3 hours before that. It only shows the last part of the hour, which imo is not helpful. I’m about to open again, so if you’re still around, do come by.

KMIA Open again. Drop by if available.

Try this time a different airport ;-)!

what do you suggest?

As soon as I spawned, you closed 🤣

This is just incredibly bad timing as I have to get to work right now. Maybe tomorrow?
Thanks for dedicating your time to help me out though (although I kept disappearing every time you come).

Opening KMIA again. Like this message if you’re dropping by.

now closed. thanks if you dropped by

Here’s a link to the Manuals.

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open again.