Kyle7223's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

I finally have a break in my schedule so now I am able to continue my radar training. My other thread got closed due to inactivity. For my first practice session since coming back I will be at NZAA on training server for around 30ish minutes and feel free to stop by and fly around. These are the people who I tagged in my last thread @Daniel_Steinman @BT_HANDLES @Rhys_V @Henrik003 @VixenKasai @OregonAviaton. Thank you guys in advance and I hope to finish training really soon!

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Im going to be open at CYVR for a little bit if you guys would like to stop by @Rhys_V @Daniel_Steinman @BT_HANDLES @Henrik003 @OregonAviaton @VixenKasai

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Feel free to tag me next time you open

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I’ll tag you next time thank you!

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I will try my best! Hard with everything going on in my life!

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Your all good life comes before games

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