Hello everybody I would like some people to fly around so I can control real people because most people on training server do not follow instructions and I can’t learn anything because they do their own thing. If you would like me to tag you for my next session that would be great. I hope I can get a couple of y’all to stop by and then afterwards give me some advice on what I can do better next time!


Where will you control?

I will probably focus on a smaller airport at first but I haven’t really decided on a specific one yet

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Would you like me to tag you with the details when I figure out a time and place?

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Ok it’s fine

Thank you!

Hello. Please tag me in ur session. I’ll stop by thanks!

Ok will do thanks I will probably have a session around 6pm CDT tonight

@SierraHotel @Fung_Sum-sum ill be on in 30 mins


Hi there sorry for a short time.
U have some mistake. Pls read this and apply it in the next session

Here’s the feedback from (HA-BIL):

•The transition formula is = Airport Elevation + 1000ft + 1500ft

Airport Elevation (50ft) + 1000ft + 1500ft = 2550. Make round to 2500.

You’re high to say 3500ft. Try it 3000ft

•When im inbound for landing. Just say :
1.Pattern Entry (Enter Right DW Runway XX) - 2.Sequence(If any pilot doing the same runway) - 3.Clearance

You just give me Clearance

•No Exit Runway Command

You should exiting me off the runway when i hit around 70kts, that for jet aircraft.

That’s it. I hope you make it better in the next session. Pls tag me thanks!

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Thank you for the feedback I meant to clear you at 3000 feet but I miss clicked and I couldn’t find the transition page in time and I will definitely apply these tips to my next session. Thank you again and I hope you can join more in the future!

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My next session is probably going to be in a couple of hours probably around 6pm CDT time.(3 hours from now)

I would appreciate if anybody would like to stop by I’m going to be controlling for a while and would like people to join and also @SierraHotel

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@AviationChampion if your free can you stop by I know you just pasted your practical and joined IFATC and would like some tips from you!

Im sorry that’s late midnight.

Your good what time zone are you in?

In Zulu/GMT is +7

Oh ok mine is -5

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I will be opening KDAL if available in 2 hours (630pm CDT)

@SierraHotel @JetSuperior5192 @Fung_Sum-sum I will be opening KDAL in 22 mins if y’all want to stop by