Kyle0705’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LIMC

Kyle0705’s Radar Tracking Thread

Hey everyone, As many of you know i have been part of IFATC for over 2 months now and i have decided to move one step forward into radar training as a Specialist currently. I have recently started my Officer training in the last few days with @Drummer . It would be greatly appreciated if you could pop down and fly a few patterns!

What do i need to do?

It’s simple, just spawn in Local or at a nearby airport and request one of the approaches listed below. If you have any terrain busts [at or below 1000AGL] or Separation bust [Atleast 1000AGL and 3mile spacing], Please inform me so then i can review where exactly it was so i can learn and improve! Send all feedback you have to me please and present callsign too so then i know who’s who.

Status -> CLOSED
Airport -> LIMC
Server -> Training Server
Approach Types -> ILS, VIS GPS and RV
Approach Frequency -> N/A
Aircraft -> Any aslong as its sensible
Runway(s) -> 17L 17R

Thanks for reading and i look forward to seeing you there!

Thread approved by my trainer, @Drummer


Nice thread. Will be there soon!

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Awesome! Look forward to seeing you there.

Now Closed, Thanks for everyone who stopped by!

Coolio that was a really good session just a few littke things that I found.

  1. A few late clearences.

  2. You kept clearing me for visual approach when I requested ILS

  3. A few random commands. So you said a few things earlier then that ended up in a few Disregard last message commands.

But otherwise I really enjoyed it and you gave me some brilliant vectors and handled spacing amazingly well. Tag me next time your open and I will come and pay a visit!



Good job @Kyle0705
Avoid unnecessary speed command
Also yes as @DanG387 mentioned you cleared me for visual as well when I requested ils but it’s looks like some sim bugs or issue or I don’t know
Overall great session and well done


Currently Open at KRSW! Come fly a few patterns if you can.

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Now Closed

Thanks to everyone who came by!


Hey Kyle, sorry I took so long with this feedback.

  • 1st pattern. Perfect, literally nothing I can critique about it.

  • 2nd pattern, try to avoid sending me a second heading command while I’m still turning. My downwind was also a bit tight, you have space to work with here so try to take the aircraft a bit further out so they have time to report airport in sight, I overshot that approach as a result of the tight downwind. (only slightly)

  • 3rd pattern. For radar vectors you need to hand the aircraft off when they are at the pattern altitude for that airport (1500ft AGL for jets, and 1000ft AGL for turboprops. By those numbers I was 1,500ft above the altitude I should have been at when you handed me off to the tower controller.

  • 4th pattern. Like the first pattern it was perfect. Timing of the intercept was bang on

  • 5th pattern. Good altitude, the downwind was a much better width and it worked out perfectly for you. Well done!

  • 6th pattern. A bit of interesting traffic but you managed it well, my intercept was perfect, nicely done.

Overall that was a very good session, make sure to tag me when you open next.

Thanks 🙂

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Thanks for the feedback! Very detailed!

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Hello everyone! I am now OPEN at LEMD, Practicing my terrain awareness skills so if you can stop by, feel free to do so. Thanks!


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Now Closed!

I am now OPEN at KPVU, come by and fly some patterns! I will be closing at 1430Z.

Feedback is appreciated 🙌

Now closed!

Thanks for everyone who came!

I am Now Open @ LIMC. Come fly some patterns! Feedback is appreciated, thanks!

Now Closed. Thanks to everyone who stopped by ❤

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