Kyle0705’s ATC Tracking Thread - PRACTICAL COMPLETE

Kyle0705s ATC Tracking Thread - (Closed)

Hey I’m Kyle and I aspire to be a part of the working ATC movement on the ES and I am looking for people to help me with some patterns at KBDL (Bradley international) (Training server) (INACTIVE)

Please comment below if able to attend:)


I’m comin!

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Okay thank you:))

How long will you be open? I may be able to stop by

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Depending on how many traffic possibly until 22:00 BST

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Coming now, Callsign:KAC020

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Okay I’ll try to stop by sometime soon

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Thank you:)

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Heading down!

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Thank you :))


Thanks for the instructions, however here some things I noticed about you.

  • When I requested a change to runway 6R you cleared me for the option and that I not how you must respond, you must give me a pattern entry and then clear me, and when you cleared you said make left traffic, when I took off you said enter right downwind but in the clearance you said left traffic, you must clear me for the option and say make right traffic.

  • The exit runway instruction was very late and I am okay with that but next time clear them early.

Thanks for reading, hope to be flying with you on the ES server.

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Thank you for the feedback I will reflect on my mistakes:)

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Hello, I was N458WU!

  • I thought the progressive taxi instructions weren’t necessary, since I was the only aircraft on ground.
  • Good go-around call!
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Thank you for the feedback:)

Hi! I was N999SB. Here’s the feedback. (Sorry about the end lol. My phone died.)

  • Many times while I was in the pattern and after G/A’s, you gave me a pattern instruction. This is unnecessary. After G/A’s you respond to the G/A with left or right taffic for runway XXX, then clear for the option/landing. With patterns, you only clear for the option/landing.

  • At 19:41:29, after I requested to change runway you could’ve responded with two things: “Unable,” or, a pattern entry (and a sequence if necessary) then the landing/option clearance. In this case you should’ve said, “N999SB, enter left base runway 6R, number 2, traffic to follow is on right base.”

  • At 19:47:43, my report was necessary. I said, “N999SB, is on right downwind runway 6R, full stop.” I was intending to make a full stop, which I had to state. If I wasn’t intending to make a full stop and I only reported my position, the command there, would’ve been appropriate.

  • At 19:54:32, you made the right sequence when you responded to the runway change, but I think you should’ve instructed me to stay on right downwind instead of right base. This is because the traffic I needed to follow was still on downwind. That caused me to G/A because I couldn’t have followed him/her on right base.

  • At 20:00:15, the expedite command wasn’t necessary because N458WU (the plane behind me on final) was already instructed to G/A.

Anyways! Good job! It’s just those things I saw that were mistakes that applied to me. Thanks for the service! Have a great day.

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Thank you to everyone who participated and gave me feedback:) Much appreciated 👍


No problem!

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Hey! I was Y-OSHI and here is my feedback (sorry it took so long):

  • “The use of ‘expect runway xx’ should only be used if the Controller deems it necessary for the aircraft to face a particular way for pushback to promote efficiency. It should not be used for every pushback command sent” (Infinite Flight ATC Manual). It’s not entirely wrong to use but it doesn’t have to be used every time.

  • Having N380VX expedite the runway crossing was unnecessary as there were no planes on final or ready to depart (I’m sure he’ll tell you himself so I’ll focus on myself).

  • “If an aircraft requests frequency change after being issued ‘taxi to RWYXX, contact tower when ready’ (commonly encountered when the aircraft is holding short of the runway), a ‘frequency change already sent’ message should be used. Sometimes the pilots do not realize that the previous command gave them permission to change frequency” (Infinite Flight ATC Manual). The taxi instructions already told me to “contact tower when ready”.

  • Great job with the first sequence and clearance!

  • You should not have given me a pattern entry (enter left downwind 6L) on my second pattern - just another sequence and another clearance. It is assumed that I will keep flying the same pattern as the first one (if no runway changes). Pattern entries should only be given if a plane calls inbound or is changing runways.

  • I was number 1 for my second pattern because N380VX changed to runway 6R but you cleared me as number 2. N535WQ was the real number 2, following me on left downwind and MI12 was number 3, following N535WQ on right downwind.

Overall a pretty good first session! You have many of the basics down - just have to keep practicing. Here are some very resources that were very helpful to me:

Pushback - Expect Runway
The Art of Sequencing
Tower Tutorial - Arrivals
Tower Basics
The Perfect ATC Test
ATC Manual

Thank you very much for the service! If someone in IFATC could verify my feedback that would be great because I am not yet IFATC.

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Also thank you for the feedback I will review it shortly:)

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