@Kyle.Plane ATC thread | N/A

It seems like everyone else is doing this, and since I’m the kind of person who controls quite often, I’d like to give this a go. I’ve got a year to go before I’m eligible for IFATC, so I’ll practice while waiting.

All these sessions will be on TS1, obviously.

EHRD is closed now.


Coming G-JOHN, not sure which plane

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Will be there - VH-LJR

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Ugh, there’s a guy trying to land with a 787-10, not following instructions. Sorry guys


@Insertusernamehere, im so sorry, I forgot to give you an exit command T/T


I’m sure he interrupted alot of traffic…

Anyway, Nice controlling from what I’ve seen. Sorry that I had to go as I had to eat my dinner

Maybe one thing when you re-sequenced @Julius97 to number one , You don’t have to issue another pattern entry again and just issue clearance (Number 1, Runway 27, Cleared for the Option) instead 😉

Other than that, It was a smooth session ❤✈. Thanks alot for controlling at EGLC. Finally I have a reason to fly in CCX 😂

I wanted to use A320, but after you issue a rule to not use aircrafts larger than A318 (Despite the fact that I saw almost everyone spawns in an aircraft bigger than 318), I decided to use CCX instead =P


Normally a plane would exit, I was testing you don’t worry. Good overall

When I reported position, I said full stop. Its normally considered polite to report position full stop, if you’ve been cleared for the option so the controller knows you’re stopping not touch and going, no need for “already cleared to land”

Needed exit runway command

Sequence faster - the second the aircraft gets airborne sequence, not while I’m on downwind.

Should have called a go around for that aircraft. Only 1 plane is allowed on the runway at a time except then back taxing or LUAW. General rule, if less than 3 miles (about 1/3 of the ILS cone) to the runway and the aircraft ahead isn’t very close to being off the runway, call a go around


Feedback from CPT-JVO

Very good controlling! There is not much to say… Just little things

  • I got a pattern entry in my first pattern, I know you were confused by the plane in front of me, but just clear me as Nr 1 and you’re good

  • Late sequence in pattern 2

  • Traffic to follow in pattern 2 was rather base, not downwind

  • Make sure you are careful with immediate takeoff and maintain slowest practical speed. Use that only when you really need! 80% of the time you could have just left it out

  • When GJohn stated he’d do a full stop, he is reminding you that he is not going to take off again (as you probably know) No need to tell him "you’re already cleared to land"
    He’s helping you with that info

The rest was far beyond good!! Almost excellent! Just look at these things and you’re golden in no time


Thanks for the feedback everyone! It’s much appreciated. See you guys next time!


Hey there! I was Test Flight 12 3 4 (Flying Kiwi)
Perfect controlling from my point of view! Nothing to say. Thanks for your time :D ✈👌


I had no issues with your controlling :) Keep up the good work.

EDIT: The reason for my go around was because I accidentally hit A/P and my nose pitched up causing a stall 🙃


One thing I forgot to mention, which is important.
When someone is announcing a missed Apr, tell them to go around, don’t give a pattern entry!
Go around, sequence, clear, done!👍🏼


EHRD tower and ground is open on TS1.

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WIDD in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is open. (TS1)

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I’ll come in my 787 as 9V-SMB 😉

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Wait lol I’m changing to WIDD

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Ah, That explains why no one show up

Nice to see an Indonesian airport to open! I’ll come

These grade twos are so annoying 😑

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I’ll also come and stop by with a 787

Sorry had to close. Something came up. Thanks @SingaporeAirlines and @Hyyyyy2317 for coming.

P.s sorry @SingaporeAirlines for giving you a taxi clearance when I should’ve given a pushback clearance.