Kyle_Green's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

I am retaking my Expert ATC written test tomorrow and I was hoping some of you would come on to the airport (listed below) and help me get some practice in!
NOTAM: Please follow my instructions and no fooling around.
Airport: KDAL
Server: Training
Status: OPEN

Any size aircraft is welcome
Thank you everyone for your help! See you there!

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Please format your tracking thread correctly according to this thread.


Is that the correct format?

That thread properly shows how to format your ATC tracking thread.

So my format is correct?

Not exactly correct.

Try to follow the format in my thread. Yes, it is old and closed.

I am not a regular so I can’t edit it for you

Changed the format for you 😉

Just change the words in parentheses, (Open) to (Closed) when you’re done controlling.

You guys are so awesome! Thank you so so much!

I have some Feedback check PM