Kyle_Green’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @KDAL

Hey IFC! Please come help a fellow pilot out by coming and participating in my tracking thread!

Airport: KDAL
Status: CLOSED!!
NOTAM: Please quiz me while flying so I can experience every part of being an ATC!
Please leave feedback if you would so please :)
See you in Dallas!

I passed my IFATC written exam AND my IFATC Practical! I am now apart of IFATC!

Im spawning in right now, see you there

In order to prevent clutter, please stay at the old tracking thread below and edit the title and post when you are open :)

1:line up and wait, can be used, even if an aircraft is on a runway, and can be given immediately after takeoff clearance.
2: Enter _____ position runway ##, instead of clearing me to land runway 13R, you should of given me, enter left downwind runway 13R.
3: sorry for not contacting ground after exit, I had a brainfart

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Great job. No complaints. Nice usage of a parallel runway airport. Thank you.

Hey sorry I couldn’t stay longer it’s getting late where I am. I was Speedbird 430 and sorry about my first touch and go you gave me 13R and I went 13L I just assumed that I would get 13L since I took off from 13L, and I didn’t see, but I looked back…but you can control however you want so everything I saw was fine.

Thanks! I wasn’t sure if people were going to see the topic since it was created a couple weeks ago

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Hey sorry I got there late. Great job when controlling though! Only had time to do one landing before u got off but it was fun.

Thank you for all your help!

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It was fun while it lasted! Thank you for helping me out!

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Thank you so much! I saw that you changed runways but it isn’t a big deal. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you so much for helping me out! Hopefully I’ll do great on my written test!

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Thank you for your feedback! I saw that in the IFATC tower/ground tutorials, they didn’t use pattern instructions without traffic and they just cleared them. Will use line up and wait in the future more often. Thank you for helping me out!

No worries, something you can do to bump it up to the top is comment on the bottom of the thread as a reply “open at ICAO, be sure to stop by!”

Good to know! Thank you!

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Hi Kyle,

I was there as Frontier 479 (A320) and then later as N479QT (Citation).

  • I thought your overall sequencing and clearances were quite good. There are some specific items below but they don’t detract from a really solid job.
  • You did a good job resequencing the pattern so allow a slower prop of some sort to get in pattern while I was on a longer (6nm?) DW.
  • There was an error in issuing a clearance. I was in the pattern for 13R (double checked) and you cleared me for 13L. You caught it 30 - 60 seconds later and reissued the correct clearance.
  • You responded correctly (“Roger”) when I said I was on final, full stop.
  • You then incorrectly reissued another clear to land. Shortly thereafter you asked me to disregard the message.
  • After I requested and you approved a RW change you sequenced me number 2 for the original RW. You corrected on your own shortly after that with a corrected clear to land #1.

Thanks for controlling!


Hi Chris! Thank you so much for helping me out! I really appreciate you coming on twice!

I knew what I was doing but I was pressing the wrong buttons which is so unlike me. That’s why I said “disregard last message” and to reclear you for the right runway.

When you requested the runway change, I sequenced you #2 and I did make the mistake of issuing you the wrong runway, which I knew you were requesting a runway change, I pressed the wrong buttons.

Should I say “Correction, stand by” instead of “Disregard last message” if I do make mistakes like I do. I’ve never made mistakes like I did when I was controlling yesterday.

Thank you again for your feedback! I might open up later so I hope I see you there! :)

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No worries, been there on the fat fingering! It was clear you knew what you were doing.

Opening up again @KDAL! Be sure to stop by and help a fellow pilot out! :)

Will head over as N479QT.