KXNA-KORD Spotting, Airport, and Flight Pictures

Hey IFC Users!
Here are some cool pictures I took on my trip from KXNA-KORD! Make sure you go check out the Timelapse Dow below!
Enjoy! :)

KXNA- Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport

American Eagle Hangars and Maintenance

In-Flight with the Beautiful Blue Sky!

At gate at XNA

KORD- Chicago Ohare International Airport

Timelapse Video Decesnding through layer of clouds into KORD
Check out the video Here!

Spotting Pictures at KORD

Spotted the city while on approach!

Let me know what you think! :)


nice pictures. im from the KXNA area

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Cool! I was visiting my cousins, had a layover in KORD… Check out the video!

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I sure will check out the video

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I love how shor6 the wing is! Compared to my usual 737-800.


I lived in that area KXNA area for a while. Beautiful place! Thanks for sharing the pics.

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What airline were you flying?

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American Airlines :)

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Yea! I really like the Ozarks!

I lived in the Fort Smith area for a couple of years, and Conway for 15. Really nice area.

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Used to live in the KXNA area until recently when I moved to the Dallas Fort Worth Area

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Cool! I really like the area… beautiful! :)

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That’s my home, what aircraft were you on

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American Airlines Embraer 175

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