KXLL Sinkhole

There is something wrong at KXLL. The only spawn point in Live is a tie down area that is not flat. I looked, but there wasn’t a procedure for this in the flight manual. :)

I’m not sure if the ground mapping is off, the orientation of the spawned aircraft should be different, the spawn point coords should be different, or what.

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Hello there!
KXLL wasn’t reworked by the airport editing team yet. The airport’s boundaries are probably too close to the spawning point, meaning you’ll get this issue. I informed the team in our Slack group and we’ll try to do our best to resolve the issue.

Thanks for your understanding! :)


if the only spawn point is a GA tie down then is hte airport to small for a B787…?

If you spawn in a GA is it on the apron or ‘down the hole’?

NOt sure on the Co-ordinates part, howeevr there is a thread for reporting issues at airports, might be worth reporting it there?

Edit: @Adrien posted the link for me :)


It is a GA airport, but there is a whole section of tarmac and buildings missing. See the upper right area of the runways in the picture below.

I think the real question here is why are you attempting to spawn a Boeing 787 at an airport that doesnt support that aircraft. Realistically, the weight of the aircraft would likely damage the asphalt.

The longest runway isn’t even 4000 feet so you wouldn’t be able to take off or land either.


Good day,

This issue was likely caused by spawning in too large of an aircraft for that spawn (and airport). The way we place spawns is from the front of the airplane, so a large airplane extends farther back, thus causing this problem. This spawn would not feature a 787 under normal circumstances, however I moved the boundary back to allow for it.

Thanks for the report,

Ryan Epps
Airport Editing Supervisor


The spawn point is correct, the topography is not.

I appreciate what you are trying to do here, but you cannot argue airports with the airport editing team. The spawn in which you loaded a 787 was a size A spawn, meaning that small props go there. A 787 is a size E airplane. This discrepancy causes the extra length of the plane to load behind the spawn point, in this case past the (accurately placed) airport boundary. In addition I checked the field’s elevation to ensure that it was accurate (it was). Being the helpful supervisor that I am, I decided to move the boundary back to ensure that the field is level to a point far enough that you can spawn in your unrealistically large airplane there.

You’re welcome.


Thanks airport editing team ;)