Kuwait City Intl

Just now I was landing at Kuwait City and this Is what I saw it didnt make me crash but i cleared my cache and also despawned and then respawned at Kuwait and it was still there. Is anybody seen this aswell?.

Clear Scenery Cache in settings. This should fix your issue!

Hope you’re enjoying the update and please let me know if this continues after you have cleared the cache 🙃


Yes I said i cleared it

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This actually happened to me at an FNF a couple months ago. Cleared cache, left the game, did everything but nothing happened.


hmm. I’ve seen this happening more and more often. Sadly nothing can be done then during the flight. Once you restart the app, this shouldn’t occur anymore.

Try to use the map (taxiway map) for guidance on taxiing off of the runway and to the terminal.

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I have experienced this too. You might want to restart the app, and clear the scenery cache once again.

This worked for me after several tries, but it wasn’t the airport not loading issue on my side, it was my aircraft falling underneath the ground, but this could possibly fix your scenery issue.


Ok thanks you

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I was at KWI today, and I fly there a lot ( Because I live In Kuwait )

I never saw that before! Strange. 🤔

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