Kuwait airways

**Hi everyone well this topic is in my mind for many many many years when i was first played infinite flight back in 2013 well i was impressed for the first time playing it and i loved playing it but I released that kuwait airways livery was not in any of the planes the new ones or the old ones kuwait airways didn’t have any chance to be in the game every update we always hope that kuwait airways Is added in game but there is any chance we hope that infinite flight team add kuwait airways livery the new or the old ones we have done a vote we got almost 113 vote and nothing happens or something have been added we hope that infinite flight team add the plane in the new update 💙 this is some of the Beautiful liverys of kuwait airways


**Please guys every one give a vote to this livery whats taking so long infinite flight team **

**مساكم الله بالخير اتمنى من الجميع مشاركت هذا البوست مع جميع القروبات لنوصل الي هدف تحديث وتنزيل صبغه الخطوط الجويه الكويتيه اتمنى من الجميع التصويت علي هذا البوست **


I recommend you review this topic regarding posting topics in #features - it contains all the guidelines necessary to keep the category clean and easy to view. You’re also only allowed one feature per request.

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Ok i am in level 2

@Jor Only 1 picture per request and only one topic per request. You have many different things you are requesting

I am showing only the photos of the plane we also requested only one request

This is also a duplicate topic

Hello, you can vote for some of these below. Be sure to search before you post as there may be existing topics on this. 😇

We did vote but nothing happened its almost 6 years nothing happened

There isn’t a topic on that lint that is over 6 years old

There’s no need to make another request if it’s an active topic. I’m sure they’ve noticed this and will adjust and add accordingly. For now stick to those active topics. :)

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  1. If you would like to redo a feature request please PM a moderator. A feature request of 113 votes is not one we would typically close because of the number of votes.
  2. Features should be done at the plane level. Not just one airline. That may be why votes were not spent on the original topic.